Ancient Rome

First day Our tour will start in the afternoon with the mithraeum of via dei Cerchi. This fascinating place found in the underground space of the opera  theatre, it is a sanctuary devoted to the cult of god mythra. The different rooms preserve testimonies tied to the religious rites. From the  mithraeum we will have a long walk visiting the old forum boarium, holitorium and piscarium great examples of temples are in this area. We will  see the theatre of Marcellus, the ancient area of Apollo sosianus we will reach the porticus octaviae( portico d’ottavia) and the ghetto sadly famous  for the persecutions of jews starting from 1555 to the second world war.

Second day In the morning we will start our Tour with the visit of the villa of the Quintili, one of the most spectacular archeological site of the city. This villa  was owned by the aristocratic family of Quintili, it was their sumptuous private residence one of the most luxurious of ancient Rome. The main  section of the villa consists of a series of private rooms and courtyards, with marble floors and a section of public rooms above them you can even  admire the nymphaeum and the caldarium. In the afternoon we will continue our tour with the baths of Caracalla (Terme di Caracalla) were roman public baths, or thermae, built during the  reign of emperor Caracalla between ad 212 and ad216. This is one of the most important bath complex of the ancient Rome. It was a leisure center  where to relax and work, to do business and enjoy friends. At the end of this tour we will discover Tiber island, the isola tiberina that rises in the middle of the river Tiber. This remarkable piece of land is connected to the terra firma by two bridges, the Cestio and the Fabricio and was  originally dedicated to Aesculapius, the god of medicine. The temple of Aesculapius stood where the church of san Bartolommeo stands toda.

Third day Our tour will start in the morning with the visit of the famous Ara Pacis intriguing example of communion between past and contemporary, the  magnificent Ara Augustea within the modern pavilion designed by Richard Meier a “must see” when you visit Rome with its white marbles and the  warm and suggestive light.