Baroque Rome

First day
Our tour will start in the afternoon with the visit to the church of saint Andrew’s at the Quirinal (Sant Andrea al Quirinale) and the church of saint  Charles at the four fountains (San Carlo alle quattro fontane) maybe the nicest complex of baroque architecture. the triumph of the church  expressed by the most famous artists of the time: Bernini and Borromini it will be very interesting to understand the artistic process that made this artists deal with the space in such a modern way. We will end the tour visiting piazza Barberini with its magnificent fountains, the Tritone and  delle Api, excellent examples of urban furniture.
Second day
In the morning we will start our visit to one of the most elegant houses of Rome, palazzo Doria Pamphilii. This palace houses a large collection of  art and artists like Caravaggio, Tintoretto, Tiziano, Carrracci, Velazquez, but what is really touching is the richness of the palace, the reception  rooms, the dancing rooms, the gallery of mirrors…..all this shows the power of the Pamphili family.
In the afternoon we will continue our visit to the church of saint Ignatius the founder of the society of Jesus (jesuits). We could say that Jesuits are the other face of the seventeenth century in Rome this very powerful religious order built, in the heart of the city, a very elegant church with the  famous frescoes by Andrea Pozzo. We will visit the church of Jesus with its great decorations and pieces of art. Typical production of this time is  the conversion machine of saint Ignatius that shows the statue of the saint with loud religious music and large spotlights.
Third day
In the morning we will visit the church of saint Yves at la sapienza (Sant Ivo alla Sapienza) spectacular production of Borromini who merged the facade of the church with the courtyard of the palace. the dome with its corkscrew lantern is remarkable in its novelty. We will visit Sant Agnese in Agone. Borromini was involved here too in the construction ordered by the Pamphili family. We will see the Fontana dei Fiumi created by Bernini and we will discover a corner of Rome quite unknown, piazza della pace, and the Santa Maria church great creation of Pietro da Cortona who managed to transform this little square in one of the most beautiful of the city.