Rome City of big Saints

First day
Our tour will start in the afternoon with Saint Peter, the stone of Christ, visit to Saint Peter Basilica, heart of Christianity, symbol of Rome and its  faith within the church there are several works of art from various artist and the burial site of Saint Peter that thousands of people come to visit  from all over the world.
Second day
In the morning we will start our Tour with visit to the church of saint Lawrence al Verano. Lawrence of Rome was one of the seven deacons of  ancient Rome. This church is a great example of basilica “ad corpus” built on the tomb of a martyr it is a combination of two distinct churches; the  interior is decorated with great paintings and mosaics the presbytery is the point of major artistic interest of the church. Our tour will continue  with the visit of saint Agnes, a Christian martyr. Saint Agnes outside the walls is a unique monumental complex that includes the mausoleum of  Helen and Constantine, Constantine’s’ mother and daughter. In the afternoon we will visit saint Philip Neri , the saint that served the poor people and the visit to the church of Santa Maria Nuova linked to this saint the church became the symbol of counterreformation with works of Ruben, Alessandro Agliardi, Guido Reni, Pietro da Cortona. we will go on with saint Ignatio, the warrior of god the church of Jesus with saint Ignatius ‘rooms this church was dedicated to the founder of the order of Jesuit.
Third day
In the morning we will start our Tour by visiting the Basilica Saint Paul, the word of god, originally founded by emperor Constantine in the 4th  century. This basilica is the burial place of Saint Paul the apostle. it features a fascinating array of historical, religious and artistic sights to explore.